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PITCHINDIA is a global platform for budding entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in India to pitch their innovative ideas to successful business people worldwide, in the hope of gaining financial investment and invaluable mentoring to transform their ideas to reality.

It is PITCHINDIA's aim to promote entrepreneurship among the nascent talent and boost India's economy by providing a simple accessible network for both investors and entrepreneurs to connect together.

India's booming economy and rapidly rising entrepreneurship has become the talk amongst most global economists and businessmen, such that confidence has grown in foreign investment in India.

Venture capitalists are cashing in on India , knowing they will receive high rates of return from the countless business opportunities. Highly successful individuals searching for new and feasible business ideas are turning to India to invest in such proposals.

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  • Are you a university graduate with an invention looking to clinch a deal with a top manufacturer?

  • Are you a creative writer, journalist, artist or musician looking for mainstream acclaim through buyouts or royalties from major production houses or publishers?

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